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Welcome to the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Area

With its 6500 islands, islets and skerries scattered over 1037 km2, the Vega archipelago is the realm of the eider duck. People have inhabited
islands in these shallow waters for more than 10 000 years.

The Vega Archipelago was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 2004 as the first Norwegian cultural landscape area. The UNESCO World Heritage List comprises areas or objects that have an irreplaceable cultural or natural value in a global context.Read more

These web pages,, provide information on the world heritage status of the Vega Archipelago and the valuable work taking place locally and nationally to safeguard this world heritage. The web site was designed and is being operated by the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation, which was set up by Vega Borough Council to coordinate the task of taking care of the world heritage. It is also intended to help to develop the local community. The Foundation is funded by a special grant from the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. Its trustees are appointed by Vega Borough Council, the Directorate for Nature Management, the County Governor of Nordland, Nordland County Council and Helgeland Museum, and it has a cooperative body drawn from 18 local societies and associations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have queries or suggestions concerning the work of the Foundation, the web site or the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Area.

The frontispiece and gallery photographs were taken by Inge Ove Tysnes, Lars Løfaldi, Rita Johansen, Nils Røv, Torild Wika and Knut Wika.