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The Foundation runs some projects of its own, while other work and projects take place jointly with Vega Borough Council, Vega Business Association, the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate, the Nordland Eider Duck Association and other voluntary organisations.

Projects which the Foundation was involved in during 2009-2010 included:

  • Cooperation with Vega Borough Council and the County Governor of Nordland to arrange and fund a 2-year project appointment as an environmental manager for the World Heritage Area
  • A vulnerability analysis carried out by Bioforsk Tjøtta of traffic arising from the guide-led boat trips to islands in the World Heritage Area
  • Open-air exhibition at Nes about the Vega Archipelago and the impact of its visitors
  • Information boards at marinas on the coast of Helgeland concerning the World Heritage Area and the need for visitors to go there on nature’s own terms
  • Map of the World Heritage Area showing how visitors in their own boats can avoid disturbing the bird life
  • Cooperation with the bird tenders and the Nordland Eider Duck Association to rehabilitate and build new eider houses on islets where down is collected
  • Vegetation mapping by Bioforsk Tjøtta of the islands north of Vega and management plans for Lånan and Tåvær
  • Landscape management project for young people at Skjærvær
  • A study of the importance of kelp for eider chicks, in cooperation with the County Governor of Nordland, Hydra Vega and Algea
  • Digital history account for the 4th - 10th years at Vega School (see the film about Store Emårsøy)
  • Information boards on the islands visited by the passenger boat in summer; Helgeland Museum was responsible for the actual boards, and the Foundation assisted with texts and maps
  • Cooperative project with Neringa National Park and Neringa Borough Council in Lithuania
  • Cooperative project with the Malopolska region in Poland concerning management of world heritage areas
  • North Atlantic Eider Project with Iceland, Greenland and the Færoes; Bioforsk Tjøtta led the project
  • Cooperation with Vega Business Association to develop a strategy for tourism and a pilot project for sustainable tourism
  • New logo, graphic profile and web site for Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation

Photo: Jannike Wika

Digital story

Students in 4. - 10. grade at Vega School have made digital stories about local culture, nature and history.