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Thrills in the archipelago

The islands of the Vega Archipelago are full of contrasts and are exciting. Some have sheltered locations between islets and skerries, while others are in exposed positions right at the edge of the strandflat. There are large islands with groups of houses, a trading post and a steamship quay, and small islets where only a single family lived.

You can visit the islands in the World Heritage Area with a guide, or paddle your own canoe or kayak alone among the islands and skerries. Experience the old fishing hamlets, Skjærvær and Bremstein, on the brink of the open ocean, the island of Lånan with all its eider houses, Hysvær with its well-kept cultural landscape, Skogsholmen and its outstanding plant life, or Tåvær where Øverstua, the oldest house in the Vega Archipelago, stands.

There are numerous things to do and see, but remember that whatever you do must be on nature’s premises. Visitors using their own boat must take special care in the breeding season from 15 April to 31 July and manoeuvre slowly near land and in the straits between the islands. The protection regulations state that all animal and bird life, including breeding sites, is protected from damage, destruction and needless disturbance.
It is forbidden to land in the Lånan-Skjærvær Nature Reserve (i.e. the uninhabited islands around Lånan and Skjærvær) from 15 April to 31 July. Dog owners are requested to avoid taking dogs ashore in the Vega Archipelago bird sanctuaries during the breeding season. Dogs must be kept on a lead from 1 April to 1 October.

Respect the environment and take care with open fires

Vega Tourist Information Office, in association with people running businesses on Bremstein, Hysvær, Søla, Lånan, Skogsholmen and Emårsøy, arranges trips to take visitors into the World Heritage Area. A seaworthy boat carrying about 50 passengers is used. Local guides are on board. People meet you on each island to tell you about life on the island over the years and offer locally prepared food.

Visit Vega Turistinformasjon for more information.

Photo: Rita Johansen

Ferdsel på naturens premisser

Vis miljøhensyn og vær forsiktig ved bruk av åpen ild.