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Management plan

The management plan (Forvaltningsplanen) forms the basis for positive development in the World Heritage Area that secures the values of the natural and cultural landscapes. It aims to ensure that traditional activities are safeguarded and developed to form the basis for positive development of the local community based on sustainable use. Vega will also be developed into a centre of expertise for managing, using and providing information about the natural and cultural landscapes along the coast.
The plan must also motivate the various parties to make an effort to achieve this and imbue in them a sense of responsibility for this. Because the cultural landscape in the Vega area is a result of continuous change in the natural and cultural premises, the plan maintains that it is important for the work to give space for further development and innovation within limits set by sustainable use.

Individual themes
The management plan is built up around a number of themes. The main focus is on themes that are most important for safeguarding the values that were instrumental in giving the Vega Archipelago its world heritage status:

  • grazing and haymaking landscape and vegetation
  • customs related with eider-down collecting and processing
  • marine environment
  • cultural heritage relics and architectural heritage
  • bird life
  • imparting information
  • tourism

World heritage funds
The work related to the eider-down tradition and the landscape and vegetation associated with grazing and haymaking are the themes which require most activity if the values are to be maintained. World heritage funds have therefore been set aside in the national budget, and landowners in the area may apply for grants. The Agricultural Agreement negotiated annually between the farmers’ unions and the government makes additional funds available to farmers to carry out landscape management work in the World Heritage Area. Nordland County Council has money earmarked for building preservation work in the World Heritage Area and its buffer zone, i.e. parts of Vega and the whole of Ylvingen.

Please contact the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation (Stiftelsen Vegaøyan Verdensarv) for more information concerning grants for work associated with the eider-down tradition, grazing, haymaking and minor infrastructure in connection with landscape management.

Please contact Vega Borough Council (Vega kommune) for information to farmers regarding grants available through the Agricultural Agreement.
Please contact Nordland County Council (Kulturminner i Nordland) or Helgeland Museum, avd Vega for more information about funds for building preservation.

The office of the County Governor of Nordland is responsible for revising the management plan, and this will take place in 2010 - 2011

Photo: Ådne Andreassen, Bondebladet