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Norwegian Nature Inspectorate

The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate has appointed a warden with special responsibility for the World Heritage Area, but he is also responsible for the whole of Helgeland from Rødøy to Namdalen.
The Inspectorate is responsible for surveillance and supervision of the environment and oversees compliance with seven Acts relating to the environment and its protection: the Nature Conservation Act, the Outdoor Recreation Act, the Wildlife Act, the Act relating to Salmonids and Fresh-water Fish, etc., the Act relating to Motor Traffic on Uncultivated Land and in Watercourses, the Cultural Heritage Act and parts of the Pollution Control Act. It has particular responsibility for national conservation values and other surveillance tasks of a national character.

The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation and the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate are jointly responsible for reporting to UNESCO and for developing good surveillance and documentation routines for the World Heritage Area in accordance with the planning mechanisms and the inscription text.

The most important tasks SNO has in the World Heritage Area are:

  • Surveillance
  • Information for those responsible for boats in the area
  • Clearing rubbish, in cooperation with Vega School and the landowners
  • Mapping the occurrence of Red Listed birds in Helgeland
  • Mapping the occurrence of alien species, especially Sitka spruce (Picea  sitchensis)
  • Removal of Sitka spruce
  • Taking part in meetings with bird tenders in the World Heritage Area organised by the Foundation and others

Photo: Runar Josteim Omne