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The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation was set up by Vega Borough Council and works together with national, regional and local bodies, societies and associations.

See the organisation chart organisasjonskart

The Board currently has the following trustees:

André Møller, Mayor of Vega, chair
Substitute: Hilde Torgersen Mørk, Deputy Mayor of Vega
Ann-Hege Lervåg, Vega Borough Council, deputy chair
Vara: Helene Skjelbred, Vega Borough Council
Olav Nord-Varhaug, Directorate for Nature Management, trustee
Substitute: Lisen Roll, Directorate for Cultural Heritage
Gunnar Rofstad, County Governor in Nordland, trustee
Substitute: Roar Høgsæt, County Governor in Nordland
Hans Pedersen, Helgeland Museum, trustee
Substitute: Oddny Bang, Helgeland Museum
Egil Murud, Nordland County Council, trustee
Substitute: Kari Torp Larsen
Torny Pedersen, former Member of Parliament, trustee
Substitute: Heidi Kristin Sæthre

The Board must have a cooperative body to put forward suggestions for its work. This body may have up to 20 members, 3 of whom are appointed by Vega Borough Council. Its chairperson may attend board meetings, speak at them and put forward proposals, but has no right to vote.

The following societies and associations are represented on the cooperative body:
Destination Helgeland, Hysværøyan Landowners’ Association, Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature in Nordland, Nordland Eider Duck Association, Norwegian Ornithological Society, Nordland section, Skogsholmen Community Association, Ytre Vega Farmers’ and Smallholders’ Association, Vega Farmers’ Association, Vega Fishermens’ Association, Vega Borough Council, Vega Coastal Association, Vega Business Association, the Friends of the Vega Archipelago, Vega Junior and Secondary School, Nes-Holand Community Development Association, Skogholt Young People’s Society, Utværet Lånan AS, Vega Youth Council