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Protection in the World Heritage area

Altogether 22 % of the World Heritage Area is protected as bird sanctuaries, nature reserves or under the terms of the Cultural Heritage Act. The protected areas as a whole have international value.

  • Lånan-Skjærvær, Eidemsliene, Holandsosen and Kjellerhaugvatnet nature reserves
  • Muddvær, Lånan, Flovær and Skjærvær bird sanctuaries
  • Hysvær-Søla Protected Landscape Area (including wildlife protection)

Whatever you do in the protected areas must be on nature’s premises. The protection regulations state that all animal and bird life, including breeding sites, is protected from damage, destruction and needless disturbance. It is forbidden to land in the Lånan-Skjærvær Nature Reserve (i.e. the uninhabited islands around Lånan and Skjærvær) from 15 April to 31 July. Dog owners are requested to avoid taking dogs ashore in the Vega Archipelago bird sanctuaries during the breeding season. Dogs must be kept on a lead from 1 April to 1 October.

Photo: Lars Løfaldli